Technical Training

Technical Training

Vibrant provides a diverse range of vocational and technical training solutions, each carefully developed to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Finance & Accounts

Financial Modelling

Contributes in development of finance models to analyze financial data including defining inputs and assumptions, building calculations and formulas, developing scenarios, identifying risks, assessing financial viability etc. to make business decisions for enhanced organization reputation and financial performance.

Budget Preparation

This course teaches competency of different types of budgets, its importance and steps by gaining a deeper understanding of unique budgeting terminology and concepts, and analyzing root causes of variances. Ensures budget is monitored to align with the organizational goals.

Accounts Payable

Equips individuals with knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and process payment of an organization’s invoices and other financial obligations. Inculcates understanding of compliance and risk management aspects within the organization and with vendors to improve accuracy and timeliness of payments.

International Cash & Treasury

Includes learning of unique challenges and opportunities associated with managing cash on a large scale, identifying and analyzing types of currency risks, developing and implementing hedging strategies. Actively forecast and budget cash flows to make concise decisions to protect organization from potential risks.

Finance for Non-Finance People

Provides a framework and detailed overview of how to participate in financial decision-making within an organization. Helps analyze financial health, create budgets, manage costs and use forecasting methods to make informed decisions to achieve financial goals.

Trade-Based Money Laundering

Obtain skills necessary to prevent and detect laundering activities by judging common indicators and unusual methods used by frauds to avoid negative situations. Encourage risk assessments and knowledge on national law and regulations to report suspicious activity and collaborate with right partners and suppliers.

Human Resources

HR Policy & Procedure

Understand fundamentals of HR policies and procedures and how to effectively manage and implement these in the workplace while ensuring compliance, enhancing communication skills among individuals, developing leadership skills, implementing impressive performance management skills and creating a positive workplace culture.

Effective Recruitment & Selection Strategy

Provides skills necessary to design and implement strategies to meet the needs of the organization by defining target candidate profiles, selecting appropriate sourcing channels, measuring quality of hires and using relevant interview methods while promoting a diverse and inclusive candidate pool.

Introducing KPI

Generates necessity of developing and implementing key performance indicators that align with organizational goals and objectives, and help monitor progress and measure performance of employees. Establishes continuous improvement in performance and competitiveness by using relevant data to make informed decisions.

Training Coordinator

Establishing the importance of organizing and scheduling training programs for employees to improve their knowledge and add value to the organization. Gain skills to plan and review effectiveness of trainings, coordinate, manage budgeting, maintain record keeping that helps build job satisfaction and productivity.

Train the Trainer

Equips an individual to design, develop, and evaluate effective training by understanding the administrative aspects of training, including scheduling and logistics, record keeping, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Individuals will be able to take on roles as trainers or facilitators in their organizations.

Training Need Analysis

Defining the purpose, scope and steps involved in identifying training needs for employees belonging to an organization. By assessing the required skill set, employees will undergo trainings to thrive in their role, fill knowledge gap, and develop their learning to lead to improved job performance.

Procurement and Supply Chain

Strategic Cost Management

Strategic cost management is the process of analyzing and controlling costs in a way that supports a company’s long-term strategic goals. This approach involves more than just cutting costs or reducing expenses, but rather focuses on maximizing the value a company receives for every dollar spent.

Strategic Procurement Management

Effective strategic procurement management requires a range of skills, including market analysis, financial analysis, risk management, negotiation, and supplier relationship. It involves working closely with other functions within the organization to ensure that procurement activities align with the overall business strategy and objectives.

Basics of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the planning, design, implementation, and control of the flow of goods, services, and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The goal of SCM is to maximize customer value and achieve a competitive advantage through the optimization of the entire supply chain.


The goal of negotiation training is to improve your ability to reach mutually beneficial agreements and build positive relationships with others. This training is a process of learning the skills and strategies required to negotiate effectively in various situations, such as business deals, and conflict resolution etc.

Certified Purchase Professional

A Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) is a professional designation awarded to individuals who have demonstrated knowledge and skills in the field of purchasing and supply chain management. The CPP designation is recognized in the industry as a mark of excellence.

Stock Control & Inventory Management

These two interrelated concepts that refer to the processes involved in managing the flow of goods and materials in a business. Both are essential components of functioning supply chain and play a critical role in ensuring that a business has the right amount of stock on hand.

Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence

Customer focused organisations know that delivering excellence in service does not happen by accident. In this programme delegates will learn the core practices and skills that successful businesses employ to consistently deliver world-class customer service experiences.

Strategic Brand Management

Strategic brand management is the process of creating and maintaining a strong brand image that resonates with your audience and helps to differentiate your brand from your competitors. It requires understanding of your audience, your brand’s unique value, and the landscape in which your brand operates.

SPIN Sales Techniques

SPIN selling is a sales methodology where reps organize sales calls using questions from four categories: situation, problem, implication, and need-payoff. This approach shifts the focus to buyer challenges and allows reps to develop the consultative customer relationships that complex deals require.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital & social media marketing are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, as more and more consumers turn to digital channels. Effective digital and social media marketing strategies can help businesses build relationships with customers, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

Media & Public Relations

The objective of media and public relations training is to equip individuals or organizations with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively communicate with the public, media, stakeholders, and other relevant parties. This type of training is designed to help organizations build positive relationships with their target audiences.

Sales & Account Management

This training is crucial for any organization that seeks to increase revenue and customer retention. Sales training focuses on developing skills and techniques for identifying, prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals. Account management training, focuses on developing skills for building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Other services

HSE Training

HSE Training

Vibrant offers quality-designed and efficiently delivered training programs. They have a broad spectrum of courses and certifications, catering to various aspects of workplace safety and health.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Vibrant offers a range of soft skills training programs designed to enhance professional capabilities and workplace effectiveness.

Equipment Inspection

Equipment Inspection

The company conducts thorough inspections as part of their service offerings, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Operator Assessment

Operator Assessment

Vibrant provides assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of safety protocols and practices within organizations.


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