Equipment Inspection

Equipment Inspection

The company conducts thorough inspections as part of their service offerings, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.


• Forklift

• Telehandler

• Loaders


• Man Basket

• Material Basket

• Skip Unit

• Skid Loader

• Vacuum Lifting


• Axle Stand

• Band Saw

• Body Harness

•Spreader Beams

• Lifting Beams

• Slings

• Shackles


• Chain Blocks

•Lever Blocks

• Hoists

• Turn Buckles

• Plate Clamps

• Ramps

•Loading Platform

• A-Frame Portable Lift

• Bottle Jack

• Holocaust Cutter

• Cable Drum Lifting Beam


• Mobile Crane

• Tower Crane

• Gantry Crane


• Excavator

• Dumper

• Tipper

• Roller

• Shovel

• Cutting Machine

• Power Tools

• Concrete Mixer

• Concrete Pump

• Threading Machine

• Compactor

• Power Generator

• Glass Trolley

• Hydraulic Trolley Jack

• Band Saw

• Air compressor Tank

• Sweeping Machine

• Welding Machine

• Dewatering Pump


• Scaffold Inspection /Audit

• Site Inspection /Audit

Other services

HSE Training

HSE Training

Vibrant offers quality-designed and efficiently delivered training programs. They have a broad spectrum of courses and certifications, catering to various aspects of workplace safety and health.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Vibrant offers a range of soft skills training programs designed to enhance professional capabilities and workplace effectiveness.

Technical Training

Technical Training

Vibrant provides a diverse range of vocational and technical training solutions, each carefully developed to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Operator Assessment

Operator Assessment

Vibrant provides assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of safety protocols and practices within organizations.


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