Soft Skills

Vibrant offers a range of soft skills training programs designed to enhance professional capabilities and workplace effectiveness.


ILM Level 2 Leadership and Team Skills

These qualifications are designed to help you boost your performance as a team member and help you make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. If you are a practising team leader, they will help you be more effective and confident in your role.

Developing yourself as team leader

Developing yourself is a continuous process that requires a combination of self-reflection, learning, and application. Developing yourself as a team leader requires a combination of personal growth and professional development.

Understanding Effective Teamwork

A work team is a collection of people, picked and trained to carry out a defined task. They share responsibility for achieving and it’s this common commitment and responsibility for achieving the goals which distinguishes a Team from just a group of individuals.

Leading your Work Team

These qualifications are ideal for practicing team leaders, helping them become more effective and confident in their role. They also support new or aspiring team leaders – helping them make the transition from working in a team to leading a team.

Planning and monitoring work

Planning and monitoring work are essential skills that are important for achieving success in any project or task. It helps you to identify and prioritize the tasks that need to be completed, set goals, allocate resources and create a roadmap for achieving your objectives.

Developing the work team

Developing a strong work team is an essential component of any successful organization. This course involves several key steps to ensure that the team members can work together effectively and achieve their goals.

Methods of communicating in the workplace

Effective communication is critical in the workplace. It allows team members to exchange ideas, share information, provide feedback, and collaborate to achieve shared goals.

Business Communication

Technical Report Writing

This course covers the full life cycle of writing texts such as technical reports, business documents, memos, and similar content. It includes many aspects of report writing such as preparing materials, structuring, presentation, using clear English, persuasion techniques & so on.

Business Writing

Effective business writing ensures that ideas and information are communicated clearly, concisely, and accurately. Good business writing can help to build relationships with clients, customers, and colleagues.

Presentation Skills

Getting in front of an audience is terrifying. Learn how to develop better presentation skills and self-confidence by presenting to other participants and an instructor who will give you honest feedback about your performance.

Public Speaking

This course will teach how to organize talks clearly, write them memorably, and deliver them confidently. By the end of the course, you should be able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking, use rehearsal techniques to develop a strong, vibrant speaking voice, and perform speeches with dynamic movement and gestures.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is the ability to convey information or ideas clearly, accurately, and in a way that is easily understood by the recipient. It involves both verbal and nonverbal communication, and it requires active listening as well as effective speaking.

Conducting Effective Meeting

Conducting meetings effectively is essential for time management, collaboration, decision-making, accountability, and communication. By following best practices for conducting meetings, teams can work together more effectively and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Self Development

Stress Management

This enables individuals to evaluate management of workplace stress at an individual level by understanding stressors, coping methods, building resilience, and maintaining work-life balance. Aims to help develop and implement effective strategies to prevent stress and manage workload while delivering exceptional results.

Critical Thinking

Designed to help individuals analyze information, evaluate evidence, challenge assumptions, approach complex problems logically, increase innovation, and foster a culture of continuous learning. Further improves participants’ ability to think clearly and rationally in everyday job circumstances.

Understanding Diversity

This helps in developing individuals the understanding of cultural competence at a diversified work place. Promotes respect, effective interpersonal communication skills and collaboration for an inclusive workplace culture as well as raising awareness of fair practices, avoiding stereotypes and misconceptions.

Conflict Management

This assists participants to identify different types of conflicts, understand underlying causes of conflict, and employ strategies to resolve them in a constructive manner. Also, Empowers individuals to increase emotional intelligence, improve problem-solving skills which contribute to a more harmonious working atmosphere.

Business Etiquette

This training will provides skills and knowledge necessary to conduct oneself professionally and appropriately in the workplace. Notably enhances communication skills, mannerisms, confidence, and self-esteem to build positive relationships and represent the organization in the best possible light.

Time Management

This course helps individuals organize their time for maximum productivity by allowing organizations, teams, and individuals to reach their long-term goals. Develops clarity of purpose, structure in prioritizing, and usage of tools and techniques to facilitate better decision-making, meeting deadlines, and organizing a systematic workspace.

Other services

HSE Training

HSE Training

Vibrant offers quality-designed and efficiently delivered training programs. They have a broad spectrum of courses and certifications, catering to various aspects of workplace safety and health.

Technical Training

Technical Training

Vibrant provides a diverse range of vocational and technical training solutions, each carefully developed to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Equipment Inspection

Equipment Inspection

The company conducts thorough inspections as part of their service offerings, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Operator Assessment

Operator Assessment

Vibrant provides assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of safety protocols and practices within organizations.


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